Frequently Asked Questions

Is it secure to buy zocco online?

Yes it is, as an online e-commerce and brand we have the right security filters for online purchases.

How do I buy online?

  • Select the items you want clicking the buying button.
  • Follow the instructions and fill in your information.
  • Select the payment method you prefer.
  • To end, confirm your purchase and conclude the payment.

Payment methods

Credit or Debit card // Bank transfer – Online payments with credit cards are the easiest and simplest way to buy.

Can I modify an order?

Once the order is confirmed it means that we already started to process it. Because of it, is not possible to add or quit your purchase once you have already finished the process. However, you can always change to a different item if you changed your mind.

Why was my order cancelled?

If your order is canceled it is because the product you chose is not yet available. We probably missed out or the online shop has not been updated after the last sales.